How to check backlinks quickly and easily

All major search engines rank web pages based on the number of links that point to them. Google uses backlinks as the most important factor when ranking sites. Yahoo and Bing also use link popularity in their formulas. If you want to have a successful web site, you must have good backlinks (also known as high link popularity).

Check your backlinks now:

A new inbound link checker with advanced features

Our new inbound link checker lets you check the backlink numers of your own website and the backlink numbers of your competitors quickly and easily.

For each website, you get the total number of backlinks, the number of unique backlinks, the website rank and the website trust. You will also get the Google rankings and the AdWords ads of the analyzed site.

How to create your own backlink watchlist for free

Creating your own backlink watchlist is easy:

  1. Open a free account at SEOprofiler.
  2. Select a project and enter the domains that you want to check in the watchlist.

Detailed information for any website

SEOprofiler does more than simply watching the overall backlink numbers of your competitors. You can also get a detailed backlink report for each website in your list by clicking the zoom glass icon:

High link popularity is important for high rankings on search engines. The higher your web site ranks on search engines, the more customers you will get.

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