Instant Backlink Analysis

You can get a detailed in depth analysis of up to 30,000 backlinks for your website with our advanced backlink checker. In addition to the detailed backlinks analysis, you can also get an analysis of the Google rankings and the AdWords ads of your competitors.

You can create a free analysis for any website, for example the websites of your competitors. The basic analysis contains the following information:

1. An overview of the backlinks that point to the website:

The backlink overview shows the backlinks that point to the website. In addition, you can see which pages on the site are linked and which text (anchor text) is used to link to the pages. You can also see the title tag text of the pages that link to the website. The title tag of the linking pages enables you to quickly find out if the link comes from a related web page.

2. The Google rankings of a website:

The free analysis also shows you for which keywords a website is ranked on Google. Find out in which regions your competitors are listed and which pages of your competitors are listed.

3. The Google AdWords ads of a website:

Do you want to know for which keywords your competitors advertise on Google AdWords? Do you want to see their ads and their landing pages? The analysis has the answer.

How to create an instant basic analysis

Creating an instant basic backlink analysis is easy. Just enter a domain name in the following box and click the “Check backlinks now” button:

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